Take your shoes off

The resort was built on the white sand and called it ‘Mchanga’ that in Swahili means ‘sand’. Feel free, as a matter of fact we encourage you to leave your shoes and go barefoot your whole stay. This place was conceived as an oasis of tranquility to relax, recharge batteries and get in touch with yourself and with nature.


Hakuna matata

In Africa people have "time", the rest of the world has "watches." All the time in the world was given to this continent. A beautiful, fascinating and unique continent.

Ask a beer? Hakuna Matata, will come along. Looking for a taxi? Hakuna Matata, sooner or later you will find it. Orders in a restaurant? Hakuna Matata, nobody will send you away without having eaten, but Pole Pole, calmly, with all the necessary calm. But that's precisely why we love this continent, because it reminds us that everything is relative, from the time.

You will be served, helped, supported, but Pole Pole ... In the resort we fix something? Hakuna Matata, to settle. In the resort some customers need something? Hakuna Matata we will help you achieve what you want.

But in all this time that you will discover that you have look towards the sea, or look up to the infinite sky and breathe, but above all enjoy what the rest of the world no longer has the time to calmly watch beyond appearances.

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